Programming is individually designed to meet each individual's needs and interests.


At the REC we understand that every child, teen and young adult is unique. Therefore, each requires a customized program to fit their individual needs and nurture their passions.

Using a comprehensive assessment the REC staff works with families to determine which Applied Behavior Analysis based program is the right fit. Small group and one on one programming are available. We specialize in ages 2 through young adult

To start the process, contact us today to request an intake packet. Please note the intake process may take a minimum of 30 days and will vary for each potential client.

After School

The REC’s After School programming is individually tailored to each client’s needs as designed through their treatment plan. Services occur across settings that will maximize growth for each client and ensure for optimal generalization across caregivers.

Programming at our center, will embed learning trials into the natural environment through structured activities such as play centers, art projects, cooking and pre-job skill training opportunities. We have a large indoor playground to target social games and physical activities. Each center has access to some type of outdoor space to address social, play and safety skills as well.

All staff are trained in the implementation of behavior analytic programming and are overseen by a team of experienced clinicians. These clinicians (BCBAs) provide training, modeling and performance feedback to our staff as well as to all caregivers to promote continuity within our teaching and behavioral interventions.


Weekend REC

Consistency is key. The REC is open on the weekends to ensure for this consistency in programming and maximize progress. Like the weekdays, we are fully staffed with trained staff and all programs are overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Through the intake process, our team of clinicians will determine the clinical need for weekend programming for each client. Like our weekday programs, these services are offered across settings that are most appropriate for each client.

A considerable asset to our programming model is the ability to provide services across 7 days per week. In doing so, we are readily available to provide consultation to each caregiver on a schedule that is adaptable to their own schedules. This flexibility reduces the demand of meeting with our team of clinicians and increases parent participations, which is the ultimate goal to increase successful generalization



Our summer program is the only local special education summer program designed to work around your schedule!  Keeping in line with our program mission “Bridging the gap”, we offer full and 1/2 day programs from mid June through September, to ensure all clients minimize gaps in their programs so we can maximize progress all year long.

Space is limited and is based on clinical need, especially during extended school year gap weeks so call today! 

All programming is based on the principles Applied Behavior Analysis and implemented by a highly trained and energetic team of behavioral therapists. All programming is overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s).

The REC accepts most major insurance carriers. Please note, the intake process takes up to 30 days to complete. Enrollment for summer is not guaranteed until treatment plans are submitted and approved by the insurance company. The intake process will dictate the clinical needs of the client and recommendations for enrollment will be determined by our qualified team of clinicians.

Each student’s experience is individualized to meet all of their unique needs. We incorporate all aspects of each client’s treatment plan into our daily activities. Please call your REC location for more information.

Home Services

Are in-home services the best fit for your child? Will your child benefit from a combination of center and home-based services? Does your child need assistance in the community?

Our team of clinicians will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your child’s needs, programs for maximum progress and ensures for generalization across all socially significant settings and caregivers.


Intensive Early Learner Program

The Intensive Early Learner Program (IELP). IELP is a comprehensive program for children up to age six (not yet eligible for first grade) based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Individualized programming will be developed based on a thorough intake process culminating in a personalized treatment plan. Family involvement is essential in achieving meaningful results from programming, therefore coordination of care will be an immediate and mandatory as part of the program. Our full time IELP is flexibly designed to meet each client’s current needs and accommodate their schedules. A sample schedule is as follows:

  • 30 Hours/Week Center Based ABA (Monday – Friday, 9-3)
  • 4.5 Hours/Week Home Based ABA (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5)
  • BCBA Oversight, Including Supervision, Program Development, and Progress Review
  • ABA Coaching (parent/caregiver consultation)

The ABA Coach

ABA Coaching

“Enhancing skills your already have and building ones you never knew you needed”

We know a core tenant of all ABA programming is ensuring for generalization across settings, caregivers and sustainability over time. Our team of clinicians are ready to design and provide the coaching needed to ensure this occurs for each client.

Our ABA coaching model, works with each caregiver to model and coach them through the most important concepts, treatments and interventions that will increase their child’s success with their ABA program and promote long term progress.

ABA coaching can be offered to individual families without direct services, to small parent groups and extend to large workshops for larger groups. Following a general curriculum of ABA content, we gear and adapt each coaching session to ensure a lifetime of acquisition and understanding of pertinent ABA concepts so you have the playbook for the future.