Topic Tuesday: ABC Data Collection

Antecedent – Behavior – Consequence (ABC) data collection / is a direct observation tool. It is used to collect information about the events that are occurring in the student’s environment. Antecedent “A” is the event or activity that occurs immediately before the problem behavior. Behavior “B” is the observed problem behavior/ behavior and Consequence “C” is the response or event that immediately follows the behavior. ABC data collection provide descriptive information about the student’s behavior and the environment.

ABC data is collected across multiple sessions and environments to help with identifying the function of a student’s behavior.  

Example: Nick was outside playing on a hot day. He asks his mom “can I have a drink please?”. His mom gives him a drink.

A – Nick was outside playing on a hot day

B – Asks Mom politely for a drink

C – Mom gives him drink

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