Trial Based Preference Assessments


Trial Based Preference assessments are used to identify a student’s favorite items or activities. These items or activities can then be used as rewards or potential reinforcers for appropriate behaviors. There are 3 different types of trial-based preference assessments.

1.       Single Item Presentation – the student is given one item at time. Data is then recorded on the students’ behavioral response and the amount of time the student engages /plays with the item. This assessment help to identify a wide variety of reinforcers.

2.      Multiple Stimulus Choice Presentation – an array of items are provided to the student at once. Data is then collected on what item is chosen and how long the student engaged / played with the item.  This assessment ranks the order of the reinforcing items. 

3.      Forced Choice Presentation – 2 items are randomly presented to the student in a systematic order. The student is given the item for no longer than 30 seconds. Data is then collected on the choice, acceptance and engagement with the item. This assessment ranks to order of the student’s preferences in which they were chosen.


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