Activities for February School Vacation

Activities fo School Vacation

Can you believe it’s already time for February school vacation? 2018 is flying by.  If you are struggling with what to do with your kiddos during the upcoming vacation weeks, check out some ideas we have found or created ourselves.

Olympic Craft ideas
With the Olympics in full force, check out these craft ideas we have found.

Torn Paper Torches
Grab some construction paper, glue and scissors and design your own Olympic torch!

Olympics Ice Skating Craft
Follow the directions and use the template below to create your own Olympic ice skate!
ice skate template. olympicscraft

Get creative with this snowboarders shadow on paper!

Baking Activities
Have some fun in the kitchen with these creative baking activities:

Funfetti Cookies
These fun cookies are always a hit

Snowman Trail Mix
This recipe has a little wintery twist to it!

Crescent Pizza Rolls
Everyone likes pizza! Why not make mini pizzas!

Get out of the house!
Looking to get out of the house? Checkout the Greater Massachusetts Special Needs event calendar. There you can find activities such as:

  • Autism Research and Fun Day – February 17th
  • Sensory Friendly Peter Rabbit movie – February 17th & 18th
  • Vietnamese New Year For Disabilities and Autism – February 18th
  • Autism Playgroup & Parent Support Group – February 21st
  • AMC Sensory Friendly Black Panther movie – February 27th

In New Hampshire checkout the following places for kids activities:

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to see what The REC is all about, come take advantage of our Open REC!  For only $15 a day you can bring your child to the center and enjoy our indoor gym, imaginary play area and art room!

We hope everyone enjoys their vacation week!






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REC Hosted Events
Mommy’s Night Out

Mommy’s Night Out is an evening for busy moms who could use a break. Come join us for a fun, relaxing evening mingling with other moms. Various vendors will onsite displaying and talking about their wonderful products. Some include jewelry, accessories, skincare products and more! Wine and appetizers will be served.

Date Night

Date Night is a chance for you and your significant other to treat yourselves to some alone time. Drop your children off at the REC where they will be greeted by our experienced staff for an evening of planned activities and fun.

Parent Workshops

Various workshops will be held regularly that touch upon relevant special education topics. Guest speakers and other industry professionals will lead the workshops and finish with a Q&A. Feel free to contact us with topics you would like to see added to the agenda. Contact us for more information.