GET A CAB – 7 Dimensions of ABA


What are the 7 Dimensions of ABA?

And what do they mean for programming at the REC?

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What does this mean? How do we do this at the REC?
Generality Results are lasting and able to be replicated in multiple environments, with different sets of materials, and with novel people. We are not done teaching a skill until it is generalized to environments outside of the REC (parents able to replicate at home.)
Effective Results are to the extent that they are socially valid.

This means that we will work on replacing interfering behaviors with new skills until the behaviors are reduced to a level that is meaningful to the student’s life.

Technological Procedure is written out in detail so as to be able to be replicated by anyone. At the REC we write out our lesson plans so that everyone working with the student can be consistent with each other and therefore learning is more efficient.
Applied The behavior is socially important and meaningful to the individual’s life. We work with students and families to choose goals that are meaningful in the child and family’s life.
Conceptually systematic Behavior principles are utilized. We go back to the science of behavior and utilize methods that work with these principles.  For example, positive reinforcement is utilized throughout sessions.
Analytic Demonstrates a functional relationship between the behavior and the environment. At the REC we look at the function of the interfering behavior and how it is affected by the environment before we teach replacement behaviors.
Behavioral The behavior is something that you can see and measure.

We write our goals in measureable observable terms.

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