Topic Tuesday: What is a Sensory Friendly Event?

Sensory friendly may mean different things for different venues or events.  At movie theaters it means the lights are on throughout the movie and the sound is turned down lower than usual.  Getting out of one’s seat to stand up, talk, sing, or move and groove are all things that are embraced at these showings.

At other indoor events it may mean that the crowds are smaller, the lights dimmed slightly, and limited character appearances.  Some sensory friendly events will lower music and/or keep it off and not have blinking lights.

At the REC’s Touch a Truck event last weekend sensory friendly meant having no sirens blaring.  Signs were also taped on all of the steering wheels reminding everyone that the event was sensory friendly and to please refrain from pressing the horns. Here is a short video of McGruff the crime dog kindly helping us be sensory friendly!

Sensory Friendly video

Below is a list of some sensory friendly events near you!


New Hampshire



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REC Hosted Events
Mommy’s Night Out

Mommy’s Night Out is an evening for busy moms who could use a break. Come join us for a fun, relaxing evening mingling with other moms. Various vendors will onsite displaying and talking about their wonderful products. Some include jewelry, accessories, skincare products and more! Wine and appetizers will be served.

Date Night

Date Night is a chance for you and your significant other to treat yourselves to some alone time. Drop your children off at the REC where they will be greeted by our experienced staff for an evening of planned activities and fun.

Parent Workshops

Various workshops will be held regularly that touch upon relevant special education topics. Guest speakers and other industry professionals will lead the workshops and finish with a Q&A. Feel free to contact us with topics you would like to see added to the agenda. Contact us for more information.