Topic Tuesday: Functional Communication Training (FCT)

What is FCT ?
FCT is a procedure for teaching functional language as a replacement for interfering behavior that serve the same function.
Why is it Important to Teach FCT ?
Challenging behavior is a form of communication. FCT is one of the most effective interventions for replacing problem behavior with more appropriate, functional behavior.
Teaching FCT is Easy!
Make it easier to teach FCT than to engage in interfering behavior. 
Ways To Do This
  • Teach the use of a “break card”
  • Ensure that communication device/board always available
  • Provide a text cue (write out what is to be said on a whiteboard or paper)
  • Model sign language
  • Prompt verbal language
How to Create Opportunities in the Everyday Environment to Prompt FCT
Here are a couple of ways to elicit functional communication by influencing motivation
  • Keep preferred items out of reach to elicit a mand for the item
  • Withhold items needed to complete a task to elicit a request for the item needed
  • Only give some of a preferred item at a time to elicit asking for more of a preferred item. 
And Remember…..
Don’t’ just wait for opportunities to present themselves, create them! 

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